Implementation Stories

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The four sets of ODBMS Implementation Stories cover topics in applying object databases by showcasing practical implemented solutions. They detail the business requirements driving the use of ODBMSs, facts about the teams that fielded the applications, the ODBMS selection process used, useful ODBMS product features that were useful for each application, and deployment issues features determined to be critical for success.

A summary from the contents page of each set is provided here, including the names of the companies using ODBMSs and the ODBMS products used. The topics of the implementation stories are:

Set 1: Complex Data

The decision to use an ODBMS can be based on many factors. For some projects, it is the complexity of the data that drives the choice. The six companies in this set of implementation stories found themselves in this position.

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CIMPLEX sells software for computer integrated manufacturing that automates process planning, milling, and other manufacturing operations. Objectivity/DB is embedded in their product, which has been available since 1992.

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments is currently deploying a computer integrated manufacturing system into its highly configurable 24 hours by 7 days wafer fabrication facilities. At the heart of this system is GemStone.

NUSTAR International

NUSTAR International uses VERSANT to accept, store, manage, and publish data about real estate in many markets across the country.

BancBoston Mortgage

BancBoston Mortgage developed a decision-making tool to help identify profitable mortgage loans for predictive analysis using Illustra.

Contex Prepress Systems

Contex Prepress Systems is currently completing development of a product aimed at automating the storage and recovery of prepress images and files using ObjectStore.

AT&T Bell Laboratories

AT&T Bell Labs has been using ONTOS DB in an internal CAD application for the design and storage of printed circuit board designs.

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Set 2: Coexistence with Existing Systems

ODBMSs provide one way to get more out of your existing data. The six companies in this set of implementation stories all used ODBMSs to add value to existing systems. The existing systems remained in place, while at the same time the companies leveraged the added-value data in the ODBMSs in ways that saved time or increased profitability.

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Odense Steel Shipyard

Odense Steel Shipyard uses the ITASCA DBMS to manage CAD information during the design and construction of merchant ships.

Adra Systems

Adra Systems has developed Matrix, an information manager built on Objectivity/DB. Matrix, has been on the market for nearly three years. It stores engineering drawings and technical data, it also provides a navigational system through the data.

OERAG Rechtsschutz AG

OERAG Rechtsschutz AG is using ObjectStore to store and retrieve data as they provide around-the-clock referral and service help to customers of insurance companies.

Canada Life Assurance

Canada Life Assurance deployed the Producer Account, an agent compensation system using GemStone.

SABRE Decision Technologies

SABRE Decision Technologies, a division of American Airlines, is using VERSANT to design and deploy the Availability Processor, a system developed to streamline and increase the profitability of airline seat assignments.

Interface & Control Systems

Interface & Control Systems has used O2 to extend their Space Command Language into a ground-based command and control system.

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Set 3: Distributed Systems

These companies in this set of implementation stories were chosen because they have deployed an application or are nearing deployment of an application using an ODBMS as part of a distributed system or as a distributed database system.

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Alta Software

Alta Software developed an engineering system and tools for a client that develops and designs refining processes for the petrochemical industry. This new system, which uses ObjectStore, has reduced the engineering process cycle time.


EDF, a French public utility, used O2 in a system that help them design and construct high voltage power lines throughout eight regions of France.

Florida Power and Light

Florida Power and Light, a large public electric utility operating in southern Florida. Using GemStone, they have created a database containing information on all of the roads, houses, lot lines, land features and electrical lines and connections in the area they serve.

Alcatel Telecom

Alcatel Telecom uses VERSANT to provide SONET interoperability in its network management product 1320 NM.

Echelon Corporation

Echelon Corporation produces computer networking technology that their customers embed into their control systems in a variety of industries. The control information in these systems is stored in POET.

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Set 4: Using Queries

It is a widespread myth in the DBMS industry that ODBMSs cannot be queried. The reason for this myth is puzzling because many ODBMS products have had query languages or capabilities from their inception. In this set of implementation stories we will study six companies that are using queries in their applications.

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All four sets are now available for $20.00 Ordering Information

Primus Communications Corporation

Primus Communications is using VERSANT in SolutionBuilder, an object-oriented, client/service application that allows customer support engineers to access possible problem solutions in real time while interacting with customers on the phone, as well as immediately integrate new solutions into the database.

Bell Sygma

Bell Sygma designs and manufactures operational support systems for telephony networks. Bell Sygma has developed CorEng, an interface between the network elements in a telephone system and its operational support system. CorEng uses GemStone.

Cabletron Systems, Inc.

Cabletron Systems, Inc. uses ObjectStore in its SecureFast Virtual Networking product that stores call accounting data and provides directory services.

CSS Insurance

CSS Insurance of Lucerne, Switzerland, has incorporated O2 into billing and agent support applications that are designed to provide better service to its customers and agents.

Vector Consulting, Inc.

Vector Consulting of Vancouver, Washington, has developed a manufacturing execution system for a major semi-conductor manufacturer. Vector used Objectivity/DB for their Factory DataWarehouse, which is used for on-line transaction processing as well as management reporting and historical decision support.

Intellicorp, Inc.

Intellicorp has developed a product that makes the popular SAP R/3 system simpler to configure. This product uses POET to drive its ModelStore Repository.

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