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Doug Barry maintains over 450 pages of online articles.

Published Articles

Incremental SOA: Facing Reality, Coping with Change, and Improving Your Chance of Success,” The Enterprise Architecture Advisory Service Executive Report, Vol. 12, No. 4, , Cutter Consortium.

Use Force Field Analysis to Drive Integration,” Application Development Trends, , pg. 42.

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E-Commerce X Factor,” Intelligent Enterprise, , pg. 46.

Using an XML Data Server: Beyond E-Commerce,” Distributed Computing, , pg. 41.

XML Data Servers,” Distributed Computing, , pg. 34.

Beyond Y2K: Database Diversity,” Distributed Computing, , pg. 41.

Is There Something Afoot?,” Distributed Computing, , pg. 59.

Solving the Java Object Storage Problem,” with Torsten Stanienda, Computer, , pg. 33.

The DBMS Matrix Revisited,” Distributed Computing, , pg. 58.

ODBMS or ORDBMS?,” Software Development, , pg. 45.

Speaking of ODMG and Java,” Database Programming & Design, , pg. 60.

ODMG Binding for Java,” with David Jordan, Component Strategies, , pg. 53.

If You Want Better Answers...,” Database Programming & Design, , pg. 72.

ODMG 2.0: A Standard for Object Storage,” Component Strategies, , pg. 48.

ODMG Update,” Distributed Computing, , pg. 26.

Online Database Derby,” Distributed Computing, , pg. 56.

There's an ODMG Database in Your Future,” Database Programming & Design, , pg. 66.

Some Things Change, Some Stay the Same,” Distributed Computing, , pg. 52.

ODMG 2.0: An Overview,” with Rick Cattell, Dr. Dobb's Soucebook, , pg. 6.

ORDBMS: A Look Into the Database Crystal Ball,” Distributed Object Computing, , pg. 64.

The Truth About Object Databases,” Database Programming & Design, , provides descriptive tables on who is using ODBMSs along with some summaries of the applications.

The Online Database Derby,” WebApps, , pg. 57, provides an overview of the 1997 Online Database Derby.

The Online Database Derby,” Object Magazine, , pg. 60, provides an overview of the 1997 Online Database Derby.

Web Databases,” DOC Magazine, , pp. 20-23, provides comparison tables on pertinent features of the database products for web-based applications.

Just the Facts, Please,” DOC Magazine, , pp. 56-57, provides descriptive tables on who is using ODBMSs.

Charting the Feature Coverage of ODBMSs,” Object Magazine, , pp. 28-41, updated bar graphs giving a high-level view of ODBMS product feature coverage.

Terms of Endearment,” Database Programming and Design, , pp. 50-57, a primer on standards development for ODBMS products.

Object Database Basics,” INSIGHT, Issue 4, , pp. 59-61, a primer on object database technology.

What Was That Myth about ODBMSs?,” Object Magazine,, pp. 70-71, a look at the experience of six companies that have implemented object database applications in systems that use queries.

ODBMSs and Distributed Systems,” Object Magazine,, pp. 28-30, an overview of five companies that have implemented ODBMSs in distributed systems.

ODBMSs and Complex Data,” Object Magazine, , pp. 73-73, a snapshot of six companies that are using ODBMSs with complex data.

Debunking the Myths,” Object Magazine, , pp. 21-23, a look at facts about common ODBMS myths.

Handling the Complexities of Object Storage,” Object Magazine, , pp. 42-49, highlights the differences that various ODBMS architectural approaches can make when using complex data with object programming languages.

On the Road to Standards,” Object Magazine, , pp. 84-86, describes how standards are developing in the ODBMS industry.

Feature Coverage,” Object Magazine, , pp. 24-31, provides bar graphs giving a high-level view of ODBMS product feature coverage.

Success Stories,” Object Magazine, , pp. 79-80, a snapshot of the experiences of twelve companies who have implemented ODBMS applications.

Locking Performance Considerations for ODBMSs,” Data Management Review, , pp. 12-15, the effect of locking on ODBMS performance.

The ODBMS Industry Is Maturing,” Object Magazine, , pp. 24-28, facts about the Object Data Management Group’s efforts to develop ODBMS standards.

ODBMS Benchmarks,” Object Magazine, , pp. 24-26, a look at benchmarks and ODBMS benchmarking practices.

Finding Critical Features,” Object Magazine, , pp. 69-72, the importance of understanding critical ODBMS features for a specific application.

The Importance of Understanding ODBMS Features,” Object Magazine, , a look at how ODBMS features interact with each other and impact application performance.

Should You Take the Plunge?,” Object Magazine, , pp. 24-27, concepts to consider in a decision to use or not use an object database.

ODBMS Feature Listing,” Object Magazine, , pp. 48-53, a listing of possible ODBMS features.

When to Use Object DBMSs,” Computerworld, , tips on whether or not to consider an ODBMS.

Perspectives on Changes for ODBMSs,” Journal of Object Oriented Programming, , a view of likely changes to ODBMS products.