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Douglas K Barry

Douglas K Barry
Barry & Associates, Inc.

Webmaster, Genealogy Sites, January 1997 to Present

These genealogy websites grew out of my hobby of researching my ancestry. As I became fairly good at searching the various websites that have family trees, friends and relatives asked me to give them suggestions for doing similar searches. Instead of telling them how to search for family trees at various sites, I decided to create the a website that made it easier to search for family trees. That website is the Family Tree Searcher. I enjoyed the programming and eventually created five websites. These websites help people who are just starting to research their genealogy on the internet.


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Consultant and Author, November 1992 through March 2019

Specializing in enterprise architecture with an emphasis in service-oriented architecture, database systems, and object technology, Doug Barry's practice is aimed at accelerating your understanding and use of software technology. Doug provides:

  • Consulting and customized working sessions on software architecture. This helps you quickly make fully informed decisions concerning your enterprise architecture.
  • Speaking on topics related to advanced software architectures and how such architectures can be used in organizations. This is a great way to communicate the value of using various types of software architectures to larger groups.
  • Mentoring on technical issues. These sessions make it easier for managers and project leads to get up-to-speed on architectural considerations.

Doug has consulted to over 80 companies operating in the areas of finance, stock trading, computer-aided design, telecommunications, electronic catalogs, software development, manufacturing, and military. He has written or edited five books and was the series editor for The Savvy Manager's Guides, published by Morgan Kaufmann. Doug has written over 40 magazine columns or articles and published over 450 pages of online articles at


  • Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc., ISBN 978-0123983572.
  • Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc., ISBN 1-55860-906-7.
  • Series Editor for The Savvy Manager's Guides at Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc..
  • XML Data Servers: An Infrastructure for Effectively Using XML in Electronic Commerce, Barry & Associates, Inc. A review of the architectural options for XML data servers that provides analysis of each architecture along with checklists of features that should be considered.
  • John Wiley & Sons, Inc. A practitioner's approach to product selection and implementation. ISBN 0-471-14718-4.
  • Barry & Associates, Inc. An extensive data book providing data on the features of object database and object-relational mapping products.
  • Barry & Associates, Inc. A set of four implementation stories covering deployed applications and highlighting the topics of complex data, coexistence with existing systems, distributed systems, and using queries.
  • Object Magazine, SIGS Publications, Inc. Doug was the Databases columnist in this magazine from 1994 through 1997. He focused on providing information to help readers better use DBMSs in their object applications.
  • Distributed Computing. Doug was the ODBMS columnist in this magazine from 1997 through 1999. He reported on what is happening now in the world of objects and databases.
  • Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc. Edited by R.G.G. Cattell and Douglas K Barry, with contributions by , , , , , , and . ISBN 1-55860-647-5.
  • The Object Database Standard: ODMG 2.0, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc. Edited by R.G.G. Cattell and Douglas K Barry, with contributions by , , , , , , , and . ISBN 1-55860-463-4.
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