Websites That Help You Research Genealogy

The Genealogy Websites

  • Family Tree Searcher. Search family trees at ten online family tree databases by entering your ancestor information just once. This free service creates the best family tree searches based on your ancestry.
  • Free Genealogy Search Advice. Get free genealogy search advice on how to improve your ancestor research. Tell use what you already know about your ancestry and we will give you suggestions on how to make your genealogy search more effective.
  • Free Genealogy Search Help for Google. This free genealogy site helps you use Google for your research. It creates a series of different searches using tips or "tricks" that will likely improve your results using Google to find ancestry information on the internet.
  • Genealogy Fast Track. These charts make it easy to find the quickest way through the maze of genealogical information on the internet.
  • Computerized Ancestor. This genealogy database contains data from over 840,000 family group sheets submitted over the years to the Family Group Sheet Exchange.


The genealogy websites listed above grew out of my genealogy hobby. As I became fairly good at searching the various websites that have family trees, friends and relatives asked me to give them suggestions for doing similar searches. Instead of telling them how to search for family trees at various sites, I decided to create the a website that made it easier to search for family trees. I created that website in early 1997 and it is the Family Tree Searcher. I eventually created five genealogy-related websites.

I provided consulting services in enterprise architecture with an emphasis in service-oriented architecture, database systems, and object technology for over 26 years. During that time, I was a regular speaker at industry conferences, served as the executive director of an object database standards organization, wrote articles for industry magazines and had a regular column in one magazine for a while, wrote two books, and edited several other books.

I closed my consulting practice in March 2019. It was time to move on to what I refer to as the "third third of my life." I am leaving my primary technical website up. This is Service Architecture. That website has some unique information web services, service-oriented architectures and cloud computing that some may find useful.

In my consulting practice, I gave advice on advanced software technology and pretty much stopped programming for others in the mid-1980s. Nevertheless, I enjoy the practice of programming and programmed these genealogy websites for the shear pleasure of programming. The genealogy websites listed above also reflect my technical background in database construction, query formulation, and artificial intelligence.

You can see that this site still has a lot about my consulting practice. I am leaving that in place for now in case anyone is interested in my background.