Object Storage Fact Books

Object Database and Object-Relational Mapping

Object Database and OR Mapping Product Fact Books Release 5.0, July 2001

Note: These were published in July 2001. They are now available at a significant discount.

The Object Storage Fact Books contain detailed comparison data on 20 object database (ODBMS) and 13 object-relational mapping products. The data included is essential for making an informed product selection. Your product selection process is accelerated, because we have collected the data for you.

ODBMS and object-relational mapping products make it easier to use databases with Java and C++. The applications range from embedded systems to database support as part of the persistence service layer of application servers.

The information included in the  Object Storage Fact Books cuts through the confusion about ODBMS and object-relational mapping products so that you can make informed decisions about using database management systems for advanced applications. These thoroughly researched data books give you the most comprehensive, fact-based overview available today.

"Barry's reports are expensive, compared with textbooks, but if you work for a company, you could easily spend a lot more money in a few days trying to learn what Barry has summarized in his comparative tables and explained in his text. Studying the Object Storage Fact Book is the only reasonable way to approach the analysis and selection of an object data storage system."

Paul Harmon, Cutter Consortium's Distributed Computing Architecture/e-Business Advisory Service, July 18, 2001, www.bptrends.com.

Product Comparisions

The Object Storage Fact Book includes two volumes, each of which is a series of product comparison tables.   The following links provide details on each of the volumes of the Object Storage Fact Book.  For each volume, these pages provide the table of contents, sample tables, and products covered (with release levels).

If you would like to do your own product evaluations, you may purchase the worksheets used to create the Object Storage Fact Books for $45.00.  More information on the evaluation worksheets.

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